Capture Your Furry Friend's Point-of-View

Smart algorithms activate recording, ensuring only the highlights of your dog's day are captured.
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See, Save, & Share!

It's fun and easy to connect with your pet. Who knows- they could be the next YouTube sensation!

Smart Triggering

Sensors and algorithms trigger filming parameters, meaning PawsCam only starts recording if there's a 'highlight' and lighting conditions are just right.

Remote Scenario

No matter where you are, see what your furry friend is getting into instantly. Simply log onto the PawsCam smartphone app and remotely view your dog's highlights.

Long-Lasting Battery

PawsCam's battery can last up to 8 days making it the absolute best for your dog's life log! With PawsCam's long lasting battery you'll never miss another precious moment.

Let them run the show

With PawsCam, every dog becomes their own director! All they need is help setting up their Social Media accounts. So go ahead- let them steal the spotlight. We give the intelligence of a human videographer to your dog!

Social Media

Your dog is about to have more Instagram followers than you.

PawsCam video is optimized for social media with 300kb - 10mb clips that are easily saved to app. PawsCam allows for hassle-free sharing to social media directly from the app.

Get your dog an Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and make people love your dog as much as you do!

Social Media

No editing and no cropping needed- PawsCam is always web-sharable.

Smart sensors and algorithms only initiate recording when a highlight is detected, while secondary parameters only allow recording when lighting conditions are just right.

PawsCam ensures quality video with its Auto-Exposure Control (AEC) and Auto-Gain Control (AGC) technologies after your dog's moments successfully pass the illumination quality parameters.


Enter your email or press 'Connect' to receive the launch notification and save 40% off retail.


What would you do with your PawsCam?

Dog Friendly Design

PawsCam is Dog Tough and can work in rain, snow, and desert conditions while being bite, scratch, and water resistant.

Zero Sim/Memory Cards

There's no need for pricey sim/memory cards and messy cables with PawsCam's wireless uploading capabilities!

Cloud Storage

Your dog's videos are stored to the Cloud and uploaded to your PawsCam timeline automatically!

Compact + Lightweight

As small as a chicken egg and merely 40 grams, PawsCam weighs lightly on your furry loved one.


Simply pay the flat rate for your PawsCam device and all software and Cloud service is free.

Human-Friendly App

PawsCam provides a free, easy-to-use app that allows you to see, save, and share your dog's most precious moments.