PawsCam is an augmented reality camera and activity tracker designed for dogs.

Two core functions of what PawsCam can do

Discover potential illness based on activity pattern using AutoPawsMotion™

View from your dog’s angle at anytime from anywhere usingAutoPaws Vision™

How PawsCam Works?

Put PawsCam on any dog collar with a single clip.

Our industrial design ensures that PawsCam is highly resistant and durable to prevent wear and tear from water, scratch, corrosion, and dog bites.

The design keeps the PawsCam hung before the chest and pointing to the front at the most time possible.

About the Camera

The sensors’ industry-best performance is the result of true 6-axis sensing, where both the 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope are manufactured on the same chip. They operate synchronously at the same output data rate, fusing correlated, true six-degree-of-freedom motion and not just separate acceleration and angular-rate inputs. This implements state-of-the-art motion tracking; efficient and reliable contextual awareness; a low-power, accurate behavior recognition.

• f/2.4 aperture

• Optical sensor size: 1/3 inch. Pixel size 6.0 x 6.0μm.Sensor size matters because bigger sensors capture more light — which means better pictures

• Global Shutter Technology

• JPEG photo capture

• On the fly, the photo is captured and sent directly to your device

• High dynamic range (HDR) mode

• Field of view, 155 degrees (diagonally)

• Shutter efficiency: >99%

• Auto exposure control (AEC) and auto gain control (AGC)

• ability to capture fast-moving objects with high imagequality

• fastest frame-rates. 200 frames-per-second (fps) at full resolution

• features a freeze-frame shutter technology that stops even the fastest motion with crystal clear accuracy.