Capture Your Furry Friend's Point-of-View

Smart algorithms activate recording, ensuring only the highlights of your dog's day are captured.

With PawsCam, every dog becomes the director of their  adventures! So go ahead- let them run the show. We give the  intelligence of a human videographer to your dog!

Smart algorithms capture only the best moments.

PawsCam has a smart algorithm that tracks your dog’s activity 24/7 helping the device decide when it’s the best time to shoot your dog’s precious moments. These moments are chosen based on parameters including motion, illumination, and more!

Videos clips are taken when interesting movement is detected!

When PawsCam detects interesting movement such as standing up, rolling, chasing, jumping, licking, or barking it will shoot a 6-second short video.

Your dog's videos are stored to the Cloud & social media ready!

Your dog's videos are stored to the Cloud and uploaded to your PawsCam timeline automatically. PawsCam videos are instantly ready to share via social media! 

The PawsCam device saves up to 4G of video clips when you're out of WiFi range.

When your dog is outside Wi-Fi coverage, videos are saved in your PawsCam device temporarily and will be uploaded to the PawsCam Cloud once your dog returns home. 

Check-in on your pup with all your devices!

No matter what device you use - smartphone, tablet, or laptop - you can see the highlights of your dog’s day via the PawsCam App or the web!

PawsCam's battery lasts up to 10 days!

Another cool thing about PawsCam? You only need to charge it every 5-10 days! 

All they need is help setting up their Social Media accounts. So go ahead- let them steal the spotlight. We give the intelligence of a human videographer to your dog! 

All PawsCam videos are optimized between 300kb - 10mb so you can save and share at lightening speed. PawsCam allows for hassle-free sharing to social media directly from the app.

Artificial Intelligence enables your dog to be a videographer! A.I. works 24/7 to sense and understand your pet's movements to pin point the most precious moments of your dog's day. PawsCam adjusts, exposure, shutter speed, and white balance on behalf of your dog!

No matter where you are, see what your furry friend is getting into instantly. Simply log onto the PawsCam smartphone app and remotely view your dog's highlights.

PawsCam's battery can last up to 10 days making it the absolute best for your dog's life log! With PawsCam's long lasting battery you'll never miss another precious moment.

Your dog's videos are stored to the Cloud and uploaded to your PawsCam timeline automatically- it’s as simple as that! There are no subscription costs and no need for memory cards or messy cables. No matter where you are, no matter which device you use, you can easily access all your videos.

PawsCam is as small as a chicken egg and weighs less than a golf ball! PawsCam weighs lightly on your furry loved one, causing zero impact to your dog’s daily activities. Additionally, our device easily attaches to any dog collar! There’s no special mount needed making PawsCam burden free for you and your dog. 

There's no need for pricey memory cards and messy cables with PawsCam's wireless uploading capabilities!

Because of our patented technology, your PawsCam will never overheat, making PawsCam unnoticeable and keeping your furry loved one 100% comfortable. The other perk of our Power Management Technology? It makes the PawsCam battery last for 5-10 days! 

PawsCam is bite-proof, scratch-proof, water resistant, and  was designed with Ergonomics in mind (rounded vs. square). With the round shape of PawsCam, dogs are less apt to chew the device or have it catch on various objects. We like to call it  "Dog Tough"! PawsCam can also work in rain, snow, and desert conditions. 

Simply pay the flat rate for your PawsCam device and all software and Cloud service is free!